More Than You Know: Greatest Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home in Metro Detroit

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If you’re considering buying a newly built home in metro Detroit, you’re probably making an even smarter decision than you realize. There are many advantages of owning a new construction home, but there are also many benefits of buying a new construction home in metro Detroit specifically.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

1. You can choose the features you desire.

With a new construction home, it’s literally made for you. You can choose how many bedrooms you desire to the type of kitchen faucet you like best. You will also feel more of a connection with the home knowing that no one lived in it before you.

2. Appliances are new and ready for you.

Newly built homes often include modern, gorgeous appliances as a standard feature of each home. You won’t have to worry about buying new appliances or moving all your old appliances from your former home to the new home. Most are there for you already.

3. You won’t have to worry about significant maintenance costs for quite a while.

Because it is a new construction home, you won’t have to worry about replacing the roof, repaving the driveway, improving the plumbing systems, or replacing that broken hot water heater. Everything is new and should remain in fantastic shape for many years. And even in the slightest chance that something doesn’t hold up as it should …

4. You will likely have reliable home warranties.

New construction homes often come with several warranties. Our new homes in Novi, Canton, and South Lyon, for example, include a 12-month warranty that includes an optional two-month warranty review and a 12-month warranty review. You would also receive a 10-year waterproofing warranty from Tremco when you build with Singh.

5. New construction homes are more energy-efficient.

New homes are built to today’s efficiency standards. That means you can save on expenses such as heating and cooling while feeling good about having a part in protecting the environment. Our Singh homes feature high-performance insulation and environmentally conscious water usage features. We are especially proud to offer the D.R. Nelson Energy Seal® to protect your insulation by eliminating excess air leakage.

Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home in Metro Detroit Specifically

The above are only a few of the many benefits of buying your own new home, but there are several additional benefits of buying a new construction home in metro Detroit specifically.

The greatest is that everything you need is here. Whether you love boating on the Detroit River or taking a long walk in the woods in a quiet rural area, you’re never too far from the things you love to do. If you choose to build with Singh, you can trust that we only build homes in the most desirable, centralized communities, providing our homeowners with both luxury and convenience.

Metropolitan Detroit is bustling with attractive new businesses, manufacturing districts, additional entertainment hubs, and more, so the job opportunities are ideal for individuals from a variety of fields.

Many metro Detroit communities also offer entertaining events throughout the year, such as festivals, classic car cruises that tout Detroit’s history, sledding hills for the winter, educational classes, and fitness programs. Many, such as Canton, Northville, and Novi, also feature downtown areas where residents gather for live events, shop at the unique stores, or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants.

Of course, metro Detroiters love the fact that Canada is just a bridge away, and you can’t get that anywhere else.

For more information, contact us through our Singh Homes website. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our new home construction process and the many resources available to you in metro Detroit.

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