Novi Named One of Top 10 Best Places to Live in the Detroit Area

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We’ve always known it, and now an independent research firm has confirmed it: Novi is one of the best places to live in the Detroit area, as well as the entire state!

Niche recently released its list of the best suburbs to live in, and Novi comes in at No. 9 in the Detroit area and No. 11 in Michigan. In all of America, Novi is listed among the top 200 places to live.

The research is based on reviews from real people. A team of scientists analyzed countless amounts of data to produce rankings, report cards, and in-depth community profiles.

“I have lived in Novi my whole life and love it!” one reviewer wrote. “It is a fairly diverse city with lots of fun for all ages.”

Novi has been named among the best places to live in the Detroit area.

The reviewer went on to say that Novi has lots of shopping destinations, a great movie theater, a dog park, nightlife, attractions for children like Airtime, and much more.

“The schools are fantastic with real (knowledgeable) teachers always willing to help as well as have fun learning too,” the review states. “Novi has fun deals around town with food and shopping and is always looking to continue this thriving city. The police do a great job watching over the city.”

Another reviewer wrote about the great public school system, nice neighborhoods, and public pools.

“Diverse community, rich in many cultures,” the reviewer said, adding that Novi is close to lots of shopping, whether it’s a mall or something smaller. “Parks and rec does a good job with lots of events for families and kids. Small lake accessible to all residents. Great place to live!”

In the study, Novi was given an “overall niche grade” of A+ regarding the best places to live in the Detroit area, as well as an A+ in the category of “good for families.” It received “A” grades for public schools, housing, and diversity, and it was named the 17th-safest metro Detroit suburb.

Following are some other highlights of Niche’s research:

  • South Lyon was named the fourth-safest suburb.
  • The city of Northville came in at No. 14 on the list of the best places to live. It was named the sixth-best place to raise a family and the 10th-safest suburb in metro Detroit.
  • Rochester Hills is No. 16 on the list of the best places to live, and it was the 19th on the lists regarding safety and the best places to raise a family.
  • West Bloomfield was the 20th-best place to live and the 11th-safest suburb in metro Detroit.

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Novi has been named one of the best places to live in the Detroit area. Contact us to learn more about our homes and apartments in Novi.