Wintertime Activities Children Love to Do

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“I’m bored!” “There’s nothing to do!” … If you have become just as accustomed to hearing those words as the lyrics to “Jingle Bells,” it’s time to get creative. You can find plenty of wintertime activities children love to do that will also keep them entertained, motivated, excited, and active.

Wintertime Activities Children Love to Do

1. Build a homemade fort using household items.
2. Go through some online recipes to make treats like candy cane hot chocolate and chocolate-covered pretzels.
3. Craft New Year or Valentine’s Day-themed decor or greeting cards.
4. Read a book together, taking turns reading pages aloud. You could even write your own story.
5. Create and post a YouTube video just for fun.
6. Put away those technological devices and bring out the manual board games.
7. Try learning a new card game together, or teach children some old classics like Go Fish and Spoons.
8. Do some child-friendly exercises together, like jumping jacks, side leg lifts, or bicep curls with light dumbbells.
9. Assemble a challenging puzzle, which you can work on together for days or weeks.
10. Read up on some new magic tricks that use household items or cards, and then perfect the routines together.
11. Pop some popcorn and watch your favorite winter-themed movie.

1. Build a modern-day snowman, such as by swapping the buttons for a stylish tie.
2. Go sledding at your local park, like Lakeshore Park in Novi.
3. Take advantage of special holiday events in metro Detroit.
4. Find a friend who is experienced in ice fishing and the related safety techniques and ask if you can tag along.
5. Take in the beauty of nature by snowshoeing through the woods.
6. Improve your skating skills at the Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton.
7. Bundle up and take a simple walk around the neighborhood.
8. Toast marshmallows over a wintertime bonfire in the backyard.
9. Use your cameras to capture the beauty of winter around your home, in the neighborhood, or at the local park.
10. Choose an organization that you all support and volunteer to help for a few hours.

Weekend or Day Trips
1. Ice skate at Campus Martius.
2. Go skiing at Pine Knob.
3. Splash around an indoor Michigan waterpark.
4. Explore Frankenmuth, including Bronner’s and the Frankenmuth River Place Shops.
5. Visit one of metro Detroit’s many indoor museums, such as the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.
6. Enjoy numerous wintertime activities at Boyne Mountain.
7. Go snowmobiling in northern Michigan or the Upper Peninsula.
8. Spend a weekend in Grand Rapids, making sure to take in the art, live music, ice skating, shopping, and dining.
9. Try cross-country skiing and snowshoeing at the Lake Michigan dunes in Holland.
10. Experience Traverse City as it is during the winter, where you can go snowboarding or tubing at the Mt. Holiday ski area.
11. Grab your passport and head out on a longer road trip to see the beauty of the Niagara Falls in the winter, making sure to enjoy singing and talking with each other during the drive.


Enjoy the Winter Season

At Singh, we believe in the power of spending fun quality time with the ones you love, whether it’s by hitting the slopes or in the comfort of your own home. When you participate in wintertime activities children love to do, you you will enjoy a safe and delightful winter together!