Top 10 Classic Fall Crockpot Favorites

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With the upcoming holidays and our already packed schedules, the last two months of the year are always the busiest. It seems like we are always juggling work schedules and project deadlines with day-to-day errands, school practices, carpools, recitals, and more. Luckily, there is a way to reduce your time in the kitchen. Classic fall crockpot favorites are tasty dishes you can make without all the fuss, giving you more time to spend with family and friends or to simply relax in your beautiful home.

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10 Classic Fall Crockpot Favorites

1. Slow-cooked ribs

Making this dish is as simple as trimming the meat, rubbing in some seasonings, mixing a sauce, and throwing them all in the slow cooker. All you would have to do is sit back and relax in the comfort of your home.

Try a slow-cooked ribs recipe from the Southern Bite website.


2. Chicken tortilla soup

Chicken tortilla soup seems to taste different everywhere you have it, but trust us, yours will be the best. The main things you will need are chicken, broth, sauce, and some vegetables. The best part is that you can be creative every time you make it.

Try a slow-cooked chicken tortilla soup recipe from the Betty Crocker website.


3. Pot roast or beef stew

A slow cooker will make the meat more tender than you’ve ever had it. Warm and satisfying, carrots, celery, and potatoes make this a complete meal.

Try a pot roast slow cooker recipe from the All Recipes website.


4. Chicken fettuccini

You’ll be relieved to know that there’s no need to start every kitchen appliance to make this dish.  Chicken, pasta, butter, cream, seasonings, a slow cooker, and a few easy steps are all you need to make this classic fall crockpot favorite.

Try a chicken fettuccini slow cooker recipe from the Delish website.


5. Chili

For people who enjoy cooking, a crockpot is definitely a preferred way to make chili. You might say chili is one of the dishes that a slow cooker is known for. The slow-cooking method ensures that the flavors blend together just right, creating a chili you will want to make time and time again. But you don’t have to do that … like any other dish, mix it up and try different ingredients every time you make it. Who knows? You may become the next chili contest champ.

Try a slow-cooked chili recipe from the Chowhound website.


6. Minestrone or vegetable soup

To make this one of the easiest classic fall crockpot favorites you will ever prepare, you can go the vegan and even gluten-free way with just some sauces and vegetables. You would have to do little other than combine them all together in the slow cooker and turn it on low for several hours. For a more hearty variation, you can add noodles or meat.

Try a vegetarian minestrone soup slow cooker recipe from the All Recipes website.


7. Cranberry-stuffed apples

A slow cooker isn’t only for main courses. It’s also for desserts like cranberry-stuffed apples, which happen to be perfect for Thanksgiving.

Try a slow-cooked cranberry-stuffed apples recipe from the Taste of Home website.


8. Chicken wings

Sunday afternoon football isn’t complete without wings. So many recipes are available for this classic fall crockpot favorite that you can make a different one for every week of the NFL season, plus some.

Try a chicken wings slow cooker recipe from the Pillsbury website.


9. Warm cider

Perfect for a chilly fall night, warm cider will have an irresistible appeal when it comes out of a slow cooker. Better yet, you can make a large amount of cider in a slow cooker, allowing you and your guests to sip on the drinks throughout the evening.

Try a warm cider slow cooker recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens website.


10. Breakfast casserole

And for those holiday parties and fall get-togethers that last all night, you’ll want something to eat in the morning. A breakfast casserole is a complete meal made with the convenience of a slow cooker. Because it usually doesn’t contain liquids, it’s also an ideal dish to make if you need to take the crockpot on the road for a potluck or brunch gathering.

Try a breakfast casserole slow cooker recipe from the Food Network website.

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