Tips That Will Make Your Guests Love Your Super Bowl Party

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Hosting the best Super Bowl party, one that your friends will love and remember for years, can be easy, with a bit of planning. 

The best Big Game parties have comfortable seating, perfect views of the television, and of course foods to indulge in. Here are our tips to wow the crowd for this year’s Bowl bash.

The Perfect Room Set-Up

The room where you watch The Big Game, and how it’s staged, is everything. From the start, make certain your TV is placed to provide the best and most visibility in the room. Hanging speakers throughout the room, spaced apart at the ceiling, will give you surround sound without being too intrusive. Remember to plan ahead and test views and sound from different seating areas in the room – before guests arrive.

Whether you are a homeowner, or living in an apartment home, setting up the room in a way that caters to your guests’ comfort ranks number one in importance. It needs to be arranged so that guests can sit comfortably and stretch out during the game and easily move about to get up to refill their snack tray without tripping over anyone.

That’s achieved by placing chairs around the room in corners or a square shape, and keep some space clear for those who prefer to stand. Some will sit on the sofa, some prefer sitting on the floor and others love to stand. Provide space for it all.

If you need more seats, adult bean bag chairs can be a sophisticated extra option and are also very comfortable like these custom designs on Etsy by SonjaTerAccDesign. Guests who aren’t as agile, may prefer to sit on pouf ottomans so they don’t have to bend too low. 

High TV tray stands and individual tv trays with raised sides allow guests to have their own comfy snacking station without worrying about spilling.

For hosts who love to constantly be in on the action, nothing’s better than an open floorplan like options at Singh Apartments and Singh Homes. This is great for guests too,  because a gourmet kitchen island makes a great buffet area and makes it simple for the host to restock the chips and dip.

If you’re throwing a party that includes kids, consider a separate area in your flex space where they can have their own fun and watch the Puppy Bowl.

And now….onto the food!

Choose a Food Theme – It’s National Italian Food Day!

This year, Superbowl Sunday falls on National Italian Food Day.

Italian food doesn’t just mean pasta that’s messy to eat while sitting on the sofa. Many Italian foods can be easy to handle. Serve meatballs and Italian subs stuffed with salami and Italian cheeses. Go for something different by including Arancini which are breaded and fried rice balls stuffed with choices like prosciutto, mushroom, fontina cheese or peas and parmigiano and then dipped in marinara sauce. Arancini originated in Sicily and can be hand-held or eaten with a fork.

For dessert, Cantoro Italian Trattoria Sommelier and General Manager Alex Bazzy suggests cannoli cream stuffed cream puffs (which can be easier to eat than cannoli).

Pair the foods with Italian Peroni beer or with Italian wines such as Vin Santo, the classic dessert wine. Another wine option is a lighter Brachetto d’ Acqui that won’t clash with sweet desserts, Bazzy said.  Cantoro Italian Market in Plymouth, voted Best Italian Market by the Detroit Free Press, offers it all and will even cater your party.

Chicken Wings, the Most Coveted Super Bowl Item

Did you know that nationwide, Super Bowl fans will enjoy  1.42 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend?

Super Bowl is the Black Friday of holidays for gourmet wing eateries like the Wing Snob franchise, headquartered in Michigan. The key to making your wing offerings special at the party is all about providing options for your guests.

With locations throughout Oakland and Wayne counties, Wing Snob, offers  individual meals of wings served with a choice of a dozen different signature dipping sauces and 15 different types of french fry options. Those pre-boxed individual meals make it easy for guests to grab their food and kick back to watch the game. Large trays are also fun and available. They even have cauliflower wings for those who want to add veggies to your buffet.

Football Shape Foods Add to the Celebration

When making your own Super Bowl party foods, cutting snacks into football shapes makes the day more festive. Deviled eggs cut in half are shaped like footballs and adding some chives across the top will mimic football stripes.

An open-face football shaped cheese sandwich will delight guests of any age. The tip to transforming it into a football shape without squashing it: Hold the sandwich firmly across the top where you intend to cut, and with a gentle sawing motion with your knife, cut away. Or use a cookie cutter to shape any softer food into a football, football helmet or jersey – from cookies to brownies!

Now, you are ready for kickoff!

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