Spring Home Maintenance Tips: 9 Things you Should Do Soon to Get Ready for the Season

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Michigan’s winters can leave your home looking quite different in late March than it did in the previous summer. Usually, some spring cleaning or pruning is all that’s necessary to get your property back up to your standards. Some of the damages, however, can be more serious or urgent, so you should address them quickly. As you are completing your indoor cleaning and outdoor yard work, don’t forget to take these springtime home maintenance tips into account and make repairs as needed.


  1. Check the irrigation system.

Ice and snow can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system, so take the time to inspect the nozzles, backflow preventer, and irrigation line. Make sure the sprinkler heads are straight. Remember to adjust the timer and replace the batteries in your system early on in the spring so you can get a jump on having that lush, green lawn throughout the rest of the season.


  1. Get your air conditioner ready.

You don’t want a 95-degree day to be the one in which you learn that your air conditioner isn’t working. Getting your air conditioner ready is one of the spring home maintenance tips that you can tackle in March or early April, even if it’s still cold outside. If you find that your air conditioner (or your entire HVAC unit, by the way) isn’t working properly, contact a professional to have it repaired.

Generally, however, air conditioner maintenance includes removing debris, clearing the evaporator drain, and cleaning and straightening the fins.


  1. Inspect your roof.

Strong winds and moisture can damage shingles, and heavy snow accumulation on your roof might lead to cracks or a sagging roof that could eventually collapse.

Use caution when doing so, but take a moment to visually inspect your roof after the winter is over. If repairs are required, contact a roofing company to do the job.


  1. Caulk windows and doors as needed.

If the caulking around your windows and doors is weathered away after the long winter, recaulk them. Doing so will help keep bugs out of your house and keep cool air in and warm air out when you are operating your AC unit. Plus, it just simply looks better, and looks count too.


  1. Clear your gutters.

Have your gutters cleared to make sure all that springtime rain drains away from your house. If you find any leaks, use caulk or other suitable material to seal them.


  1. Repair those window screens.

The best part of spring is opening up those windows – no heating or air conditioning required! But you have to keep those flies and other bugs from making themselves at home in your home, so repair or replace any damaged window screens.


  1. Power wash the outside of your house.

When you power wash the outside of your house, you will wash away any dirt that may be hiding broken siding, peeling paint, or other damage.


  1. Sand and stain decks and porches.

Take the time to wash, sand, and stain or paint your wooden decks or reseal concrete decks, both for safety purposes and aesthetics. Maintaining your decks may also increase their longevity.


  1. Fill cracked concrete.

If you live in Michigan, you know what road salt can do to concrete, and that applies to your sidewalk and driveway. Unfortunately, small cracks can turn into huge headaches in no time, so stop them in their tracks.


If you own a Singh home, you can rest in knowing that it was constructed by one of the best home builders in Michigan according to the highest standards. These routine spring home maintenance tips will help enhance and reinforce the features of your home. For additional details about how our Singh homes are built, contact us through our website or review information about our building process online.

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