Memorial Day Party Menus: Twists on Traditional Burgers and Dogs

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As we remember the sacrifices made by so many, Memorial Day serves as a time to celebrate all we have. It’s a day when families and friends gather to enjoy food, games, and fun in the sun.

Starting on Memorial Day, Americans will consume 818 hot dogs per second throughout the summer grilling season. It’s a Memorial Day weekend tradition, after all! For that reason, we wouldn’t dream of suggesting you don’t grill burgers or hot dogs at all, but do consider going beyond the basics to create a truly outstanding menu.

You can find an endless number of recipes online or create your own signature dishes, but here are 10 ideas to get your mouth watering and your creative juices flowing.

For your Memorial Day barbecue, try a twist on hot dogs and hamburgers.

Hot Dog Concoctions

1. Hot Dogs Memphis BBQ Style as Seen on Genius Kitchen

Somehow ketchup became known as the condiment for barbecued hot dogs, while barbecue sauce was completely neglected. How did that happen? Well, not anymore. Barbecue sauce takes its rightful place with grilled hot dogs in this case.

2. Jalapeno Popper Dogs as Seen on Delish

Cheesy hot dogs wrapped in jalapeno will heat up your party in an instant. Think of this as a “pig in a blanket” meeting a relleno.

3. Brooklyn’s Corniest Hot Dogs as Seen on Food Network

This truly unique hot dog creation features corn as a topping. It also includes mayo, mustard, hot sauce, bacon, grilled onions, and cheese, of course. It’s essentially everything you would find at a backyard barbecue all in one bun.

4. Brat Reubens as Seen on Food & Wine

If you want the words “fun” and “daring” to describe your Memorial Day barbecue, try this one out for size. It’s a bratwurst dog plus a reuben sandwich all in one hoagie bun, along with all the condiments, cheeses, and other toppings you would expect. With this much color, they’re just as pretty as they are exciting.

5. Chili Dogs. Or Coney Dogs. Or Chili Coney Dogs.

Every Michigan resident knows the difference between a chili dog and a Coney dog … right? Set out hot dog buns, hot dogs, flavored chili with meat and beans, flavored chili with meat only, onions (maybe), mustard (maybe), and cheese (perhaps). Let everyone make their own, and then decide who paid the most homage to the classics. Hint: The flavor is part of what makes the difference.

For your Memorial Day barbecue, try hamburger and hot dog recipes that are out of the ordinary.

Burger Creations

1. Korean Barbecue Burgers as Seen on My Recipes

It looks like a traditional burger, but its flavor is what stands out. Ingredients include brown sugar, ginger, soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil.

2. Pimiento Cheeseburger with Bacon Jam as Seen on Food & Wine

Spicy, sweet, and hearty all at the same time, this burger includes soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, pimientos, and gochujang. When we said sweet and spicy, we really meant it!

3. Lamb Burgers with Indian Spices and Yogurt-Mint Sauce as Seen on My Recipes

These burgers feature vadouvan and a creamy yogurt sauce. The Yin and Yang flavors balance out and complement the robust flavor of the lamb beautifully.

4. Barbecue Turkey Burgers as Seen on Jennie-O

If you’re looking for something a little simpler and lighter, turkey burgers are an excellent option. The children at your party will enjoy them as well. Make sure you pump up the recipe, however, with something as simple as coleslaw.

5. Sweet Potato Burgers with Green Tahini as Seen on One Green Planet

A completely vegan burger, this one is like a falafel sandwich combined with the decadent, creamy texture of sweet potato. Almonds add a nutty flavor to this unique recipe.


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