14 Smart Ideas for Kitchen Pantry Organization

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A kitchen pantry is an excellent feature of any home, and it will certainly get a lot of use … perhaps too much use, in fact. Without smart kitchen pantry organization, the space can become cluttered in no time. Fortunately, there are many smart tricks to organize your pantry that are fun, efficient, inexpensive, and easy.

Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Getting creative while you organize the space can make the task enjoyable. See how many of these ideas might be right for you.

1. Organize by zone.

Separate items by category, such as bread, cereal, condiments, drinks, baking supplies, canned fruits, canned vegetables, and so on. Give each category its own “zone.” Make sure the items you use often are easy to reach.

2. Use clear containers for storage.

To minimize the time spent searching for items, use clear, airtight plastic or glass containers to store cereals, flour, sugar, pastas, and other dried goods. Remember that beautifying the space is key to kitchen pantry organization, and having similar containers for various products creates a clean look.

Use clear containers to organize items in your kitchen pantry.

3. Place rarely used items on the top shelf.

You might need candles for a birthday party, or you may want to keep a particular spice on hand that you don’t use often. Tuck them away in baskets on the top shelf, and keep a step ladder nearby or inside the pantry.

4. Add pull-out drawers to make items easier to reach.

There’s no reason the pantry has to be made of flat shelving. Incorporate pull-out shelves to make the space more attractive and to eliminate the need to move items to reach goods stashed behind them.

5. Use the doors to hang items like oven mitts and utensils.

Attach pegs inside the door, and use them to hang items that you use frequently. If you need to, loop zip ties around an item in order to hang it.

Kitchen pantry organization ideas include hanging oven mitts and utensils on hooks.

6. Hang a shower caddy on the inside of a door.

Use it to store condiments, potatoes, onions, garlic, or similar items.

7. Separate items into mesh baskets.

Place baskets on the shelves for larger items that you want to keep organized.

8. Create attractive labels and place them on containers.

This is especially useful for spices and herbs. Make sure you can see the labels easily, and have fun designing them. Include expiration dates as needed.

Labeling containers can help you keep your kitchen pantry organized.

9. Add Lazy Susans.

Lazy Susans aren’t just for the inside of kitchen cabinets. Create one for your pantry, so you can to spin it around to reach items easily.

10. Reuse old containers.

Take the labels off pickle jars or snack containers, clean them, and use them to store nonperishable items or plastic bags.

11. Attach a clip hanging rack on a wall inside the pantry.

You’ve seen them at the end caps of grocery stores. Add them inside the pantry to hang bags of chips, granola bars, mini muffins, and other small snacks your family enjoys.

Kitchen pantry organization ideas include hanging clips on a wall.

12. Hang narrow cubbies on a wall or inside the door.

It’s an ideal place for boxed goods, dried seasoning packets, boxed soups, herbs, and spices.

13. “Front” the items on the shelves.

To keep the pantry attractive and neat, follow grocery store shelving practices. Bring items to the front, and make sure they face forward. After you take, for instance, a can of tomatoes, bring the canned tomatoes behind it forward. Having an attractive pantry will inspire you to keep up the momentum, and it will enable you to reach the items quickly.

14. Design a basket for each family member.

To make it easy for each person in the family to take their favorite snack easily, label small wicker baskets with each person’s name. Let them use it to store the snacks and foods of their choosing.

Keep the Pantry Beautiful

For efficient kitchen pantry organization, avoid placing items in the pantry that don’t belong there. If you want to use your pantry for cleaning products and tools, you can do that; keep edibles in a different spot. If you want to store foods in the pantry, place the cleaning products in a different spot.

However you want to use your pantry is fine, but keeping it organized will beautify your home and simplify your day.

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