Holiday Hosting Guide: Tips for the Ultimate Get-Together

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One of the best aspects of owning your own home is to be able to entertain family and friends. The holidays are the opportune time to use all the best features of your home to host the ultimate party. Whether it’s a small, cozy gathering or an all-out blast, with the right holiday hosting tips, you can hold an event that your family and friends will remember for years.

Holiday Hosting Guide: Tips You Can Use

1. Prepare Early

Plan in advance what foods you’ll serve, and shop for food, drinks, gifts, and decorations ahead of time. When it comes to food preparation, spiced nuts and refrigerated or frozen desserts are especially ideal to make ahead of time, as all you’d need to do is take them out and serve them on the day of the party.

If you’re lucky enough to have one, take advantage of that spice kitchen (or even a second kitchen in the basement) to cook early while keeping the rest of your home fresh and clean.

2. Give Your Party a Theme

Holiday cookie baking contest? Silly sweater party? Karaoke night? White elephant gift exchange with a creative twist? If you give your party a theme, it will give your guests something to look forward to, especially if you have the same theme year after year.

3. Organize Your Home

Holiday Hosting Guide: Your guests will likely gather around the social island for drinks, snacks, and games. Use the kitchen island and the other features in your Singh home to create a festive holiday party.Organizing your home in preparation for the get-together will help ensure that you can party with your guests, rather than spending your time trying to address issues while your guests are there.

  • Clear out your mudroom to make sure your guests can hang their coats and purses and take off their snow-filled shoes. This is especially important because you want the guests to be able to find their possessions easily when they are ready to leave. If you don’t have a mudroom, determine in advance where you will place guests’ purses and coats. An ideal spot is a guest bedroom, especially if it happens to be near a doorway.
  • If you’re hosting an elegant get-together, utilize your Butler’s pantry or even your kitchen island to make it convenient for guests to pour themselves a glass of wine and for you to obtain the glassware for the meal.
4. Make It Buffet Style

Unless your vision is for that elegant party we mentioned above, encouraging guests to freely walk around and help themselves to food and drinks will make them feel more comfortable. It’s also the perfect way to get them to mingle with each other.

Additionally, when you leave foods out for the taking, guests can munch all evening long, contributing to the festive feeling. If this is the type of atmosphere you’re going for, avoid foods that require forks and knives and opt for easy-to-eat finger foods and light dishes like salads. (Just be sure not to leave perishable foods sitting out too long.)

5. Party All Night Long

Prepare your music list ahead of time, and make sure you have adequate speakers. Consider your guests’ interests and decide what type of music will get them to get up and dance.

6. Take Advantage of All Levels of Your Home

The best parties are those where people can socialize throughout the home. Place food and drinks and offer entertainment on every level of the home to encourage guests to move around. Don’t forget to invite people to walk outdoors as well by decorating your patio, turning on the lights, and starting up that outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Consider leaving one area of the home quiet, however, in case guests need a break from the action or want to have a more significant conversation.

7. Plan for Overnight Guests

If you expect any guests to stay for the night or longer, prepare the guest room and guest bathroom ahead of time with clean linens and any toiletries or other items that the guest would need. You might want to make sure this room is off-limits for the party.

8. Make the Best Use of Your Social Island

No doubt, your guests will naturally gather around the social island in your kitchen to chat. Make it enjoyable for them by giving them what you think they want there. Decide how you want to use the island ahead of time, such as to play games, for food, for drinks, to select and play music, or simply for an elegant holiday display.

You could also stash away less frequently used items you might need for the party inside the island or other storage cabinets in your kitchen or pantry, keeping them out of sight but still convenient for you and your guests to reach.

Start Planning the Ultimate Holiday Party Now

The key ingredients for the ultimate holiday party are food, friends, family, and fun, although a beautifully designed home will take your party to the next level.  A home that provides you with all the resources and space you need will help ensure a festive get-together.

If you’re in the market for a home of your own, it’s the perfect time to consider buying a new construction home with Singh. Our homes include all the features you need and more to make your holiday gathering spectacular. Contact us to learn more about building a home with Singh or to explore our Quick Delivery Homes.

Holiday Hosting Guide: Using all levels of your Singh new construction home in Canton, Novi, or South Lyon can help you create the ultimate holiday party.


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