10 Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

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The mudroom in your new home is probably one of its best special features. One of the most important spaces in your home, a well thought-out mudroom will keep your home free of mud, snow, water, and general outdoor germs, and your family organized and efficient. Your mudroom is a place to neatly store shoes, coats, and other items, keeping them out of your living room or other locations around your home. Following are a few essential elements every mudroom should have to help you simplify your routine and keep your home clean and organized.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

1. Cubbies or shelving

Whether you want to purchase cubbies and cabinets or have a customized shelving area, specialized storage compartments will be convenient for the storage of gloves, hats, scarves, keys, earmuffs, and any other outdoor items you regularly use.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

2. Shoe storage areas

You could use the cubbies for shoe storage, but your mudroom might be cleaner and more organized if you include shelves specifically for shoes.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

3. Hooks

Consider how many people live in your home, their height, and what items they use on a day-to-day basis. Install wall hooks for their coats, jackets, and scarves that are within reach and easily accessible.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

4. Floor mats or rugs

Slip-resistant mats or durable outdoor rugs should be placed at the doorway to keep the rest of the mudroom as dry as possible, both for cleanliness and safety.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

5. Seating area

Have a bench customized for your mudroom or simply place a sturdy chair in the room. Your family members can use the seats as they are putting on or removing their shoes.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

6. Washer, dryer, and laundry baskets

The beauty of a mudroom is that it can keep both dirt and dirty laundry out of the rest of your home. As people walk in, they can remove wet or dirty clothing and place them in the basket or directly into the washer.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

7. Clothing hangers and shoe racks for closets

If your mudroom includes a closet, it’s the ideal place to store outdoor clothing that is not currently being used, such as winter coats in the summer and sandals in the winter.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

8. Pet supplies

Your mudroom should include a designated area for pet foods and supplies, such as towels for drying off wet paws after your dog comes in from outside.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

9. Drawers or lockers that are dedicated to each person

Each person in the family should have their own little space, which helps keep the mudroom organized and makes each of your routines more efficient.


Elements Every Mudroom Should Have

10. Fan or space heater

Even if it’s only for a moment, having a light breeze in the summer or a warm blast in the winter after you come in from the outdoors can be soothing. Even more importantly, both can dry the area, helping to keep your overall home clean.


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