Eco Tips To Enjoy Your Living Space The Earth Friendly Way: 5 Home Tips To Honor Earth Day

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It’s the season for Green Cleaning!

Earth Day is April 22, Spring is here and now is a perfect time to get your home ready for warmer months while also honoring Mother Earth.

To reduce your carbon footprint, hopefully your home begins with energy efficient thermostats. At Singh Homes and Singh Apartments our corporate responsibility includes energy efficiency. Taking another big step is the investment of an electric vehicle – our Griffin Royal Oak apartments have charging stations in our covered lots to make it easy to get up and go while reducing that carbon footprint.

When getting into eco-life for daily living however, you can start small and work up and still make an impact. Here are five tips to have an Eco-Friendly Earth Month!

1. Don’t get overwhelmed. Change that’s too fast can overwhelm. Start with the simple things: buy laundry soap that’s friendly to lake and ocean life. How fun is the title of this gentle laundry soap called “EcoNuts?” Made from organic nuts that contain natural, non-toxic soap, the nuts made a splash on Shark Tank! Goes a long way for the health of our waters.

2. Clean with natural products like lemons and baking soda. Who needs the toxins? Just squeeze lemon juice into a BPA-free container and add a pinch of baking soda or vinegar to clean microwaves, wooden boards, or containers. If stains are severe, let the juice sit overnight before scrubbing and rinsing with water. The acid cuts through grease and can also be used on glass. Do not use lemon or vinegar-y acids on stainless, granite or quartz.

3. Go Green with your home office – reduce paper use, install LED lighting, recycle office materials. Working remotely is another powerful way to lower your carbon footprint. Not only does it reduce travel emissions, but allows more time for productivity and your free time.

4. Donate old clothes. We are all seeing headlines about problems with fast fashion going into landfills, but we still love fashion. Donate your old pieces to a nonprofit, or if you DO want a challenge, you can get lost on Pinterest with upcycling ideas – cut jeans into shorts, or make holiday decor from old sweaters.

5. Our last step is the easiest and is a friendly reminder: When leaving a room, turn off the light. It reduces carbon emission and other harmful greenhouse gases. The U.S. The Department of Energy says turning off fluorescent lights for more than five seconds saves more energy than will be consumed in turning them back on again. Better yet, go LED and STILL turn them off!

Let this be your motivating reminder and have a green, happy month of April!


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