Create Hocus Pocus 2 Charm In Your Own Home


Swooning over the style and embellishments in Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2? In love with the layered, timeless décor of the movie’s Salem home? We are, too!

The popularity over Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2 is exciting and you can entrench yourself in the lushness of the film’s fa-boo-lous style by adding lux features in your home. We aren’t talking about kitschy, seasonal Halloween décor, but rather beautiful, quality artistic pieces that will be treasured in your home for years (370 years to be exact)!

To get started, focus on one room –such as the living room – to create something that will be alluring enough even for the Sanderson sisters! To make your home, or apartment home, rich and magical, all it takes is an evening of streaming the movie for creative ideas and – poof – you are on your way!

On The Walls

Think antique..A deep greenish blue for your living room sets a moody tone. Keep it fresh with Glidden’s 2023 Color of the year: Vining Ivy. The “bluish-greenish-something-in-betweenish” tone is bewitching! The shade sparks off that Hocus Pocus-glam when you add the next step of layering old-looking, accessories, lighting, and furniture!


For lighting, you need a chandelier. Think of one dripping in crystals with multiple tires. If you want a more modern, streamlined appeal, a single circular Dunbar chandelier from Pottery Barn is perfect and the style is lasting.

On the main wall add multiple shelves of ‘witches potions’, or just glass apothecary bottles in various styles and sizes. On the top shelf, red marquee letter lights that spell “Magic” found at on Amazon or Michael’s is a focal point. A tiffany lamp is also must. Overstock is a great site to shop.

Really important are candles. Lots of them. Add red, tapered candles to multiple ornate candelabras that set around the room – letting some of the wax melt and set for a hauntingly stunning effect. Then include even more charming candles – from companies such as Earthberry Apothecary, created by Michigander Elena Bozzi Ardagna who loves magic as much as Sarah Jessica! Try Earthberry candles in perfect Hocus scents such as Crackling Wood.


Pops of gold such as painted gold cherubs and antique-book of spells (or any old hard cover books) that can be set on shelves, end tables and the fireplace mantle can be found at all price points on Etsy, and a must-have is lion’s head wall-mounted water mounted fountain.

It wouldn’t be witches’ worthy without a cauldron and the last thing you want is cheap plastic sitting in your house for years – making it look like you forgot to put away the Halloween decor! Opt for a creative, heavy, cast iron kettle cauldron, again from Etsy, that can be used for fire cooking outside, or as a planter!

And, you MUST have a crystal ball.  We love a modern version, such as the brushed gold-leafed based with crystal sphere from Sax Fifth Avenue. Three brooms tied together make a great touch from Anthropologie.


A bit more of an investment into your theme, but can easily be transitioned into any style, is your need for a black, wing back Queen Ann chair. You can go vintage style, or modern. Save some bucks, by adding dark end tables from garage sales painted black, burgundy, blood red, or gold for a more artistic touch.

Final touches

Another fun garage sale search is to shop for vintage picture frames – in gold and black. Put singular images of people inside them. A wall of faces surrounded by greenery sets the tone!

The sisters love ivy on the walls in the film – but in reality quality faux plants will work best, because the real deal can wreak havoc on the structure if ivy crawls into your home’s beams. Etsy is your friend for artificial hanging greenery and faux garden walls.

Have fun and as Mary Sanderson says, “Think soothing thoughts.”

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